The Forest Queen Hotel in Crested Butte

“Simplicity At It's Finest”

No amenities to speak of. It took me *days* to find the outlet for the lamp by the bed, and that only happened because first I found an unconnected extension cord loose under the bed, and then I accidentally moved the curtain at the window, and *then* I found the outlet! Well, I didn’t need it anyway! At least the room had it’s own bathroom, and I didn’t have to go down the hallway to use one, like many of the other tenants. Most of the rooms appeared to be occupied by people that work in the Bar and Restaurant downstairs, and in other positions around the Butte. I met one young woman, Esther from Peru, who is a student of the Hospitality Industry, who lived in one of the other rooms, and worked up in Mt. Crested Butte, and also at this hotel’s kitchen… 

© Howard Hammermann 2020